Subject Ways you can come to Hoam Hotel (conference site).
Writer BMG XII Date 2018-05-25 Hit 1687

Dear BMG XII attendee,


Welcome to Seoul!


There are a couple of ways you can come to Hoam Hotel (conference site).

Way #1 From Incheon airport (bus) 
- Take the #6017 Airport limousine bus at GATE 6B or 13B. Get off at the last stop "Hoam Faculty House"

Way #2 From Incheon airport (subway) 
- Take an Airport Express (subway). Transfer to line #2 (green line) at Hongik Univ. Station. Get off at the Nakseongdae subway station.

  Take the Gwannak 02 bus at the bus station near by exit #4 of Nakseongdae subway station.

  Get off at the hoam faculty house station.

Between these two options, I recommend the first one, taking #6017 Airport limousine bus (~$15$, one and a half hour)

Way #3 From Incheon or Gimpo airport (taxi)

- Take a taxi from Incheon / Gimpo Airport to Hoam Faculty House

   Incheon Airport Hoam Faculty house (max ~$100, one hour)

   Gimpo Airport Hoam Faculty house (max~ $20, 40 min.)


I am looking forward to meeting you soon in Seoul.


Best regards,


BMG secretary.

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